5 AMVs I Like to Watch

Been a while, right?

Here’s some advice: never start a blog right before finals season in your last semester of college. You will fall behind schedule. Especially if the super popular movie franchise you’ve been overly invested in for years now is finally reaching its climax and you know the ending’s going to leave you depressed. Make smart choices people.

But this post is about AMVs, so let’s talk about AMVs. You know what they are. Someone takes a song and edits an anime to it. If you’re reading anime blogs, then you’ve probably seen more than your fair share. I’ve been watching them since my primary anime source was episodes cut into three parts on YouTube.  Back in those times, they were often as frustrating as they were entertaining. Sometimes I just wanted to watch the episode without Evanescence’s Bring Me to Life playing in the background. But they were, and still are, a big part of my anime fandom experience.

The following are five AMVs—in no particular order—that I find especially entertaining. I’m not an expert on video editing or anything like that. I just think they’re neat. Needless to say, I don’t own any of these videos. All praise should be directed towards the unsung heroes who likely spent hours hunched over a computer making them.


Unfortunately, I am a Fate fan. I’ve played the mobile game, seen the various anime, read the visual novel—the whole nine yards. Effect-wise, this video isn’t that impressive, there’s nothing too flashy here. I don’t mean the editing is bad by any measure, I actually like it more when editing is low key like this, but there are some wild AMVs out there. Anyway, I think this video captures the spirit of the series extremely well. This desperate struggle to maintain your ideals in a world that won’t let you. The cool fights. The fact the song is also, on some level, a love song. Against the Current’s cover of The Beginning does alot of the work here. The video is great love letter to the franchise as a whole and deserves every view it gets.


I love Hibike Euphonium. Mostly because of KumiRei, I admit, but I do think it told a decent story about Kumiko’s growth into someone who can be true to herself and her feelings. There’s something so calming about this. I live for that effect at the end where Kumiko and Reina’s whole relationship flickers by as Reina moves her finger down Kumiko’s face. Why couldn’t these two end up together, Kyoani. Why did you have to go for bait—why did Reina have to be in love with her teacher?


Back when I was in high school, I made the questionable decision of sticking with this anime called Blood-C throughout its entire run. It’s not a good show. The pacing is very strange, and the juxtaposition of the cheery high school stuff and the ultraviolent monster slaying doesn’t work. When the twist happens and everything starts to fall apart, everyone gets gruesomely murdered and the series ends. I’ve heard that CLAMP was only partially responsible for how weird this show ended up being, but I’m not sure I believe it. It feels very much like them in a lot of places.  The action and animation are done well, though. I’m not surprised people edit with it.

I like this one in particular because it manages to condense the whole show (and its sequel movie) into under three minutes while pretty much losing nothing and enhancing the coolness of it all. The flashes of her peaceful high school life at the start contrasted with images of her with the sword before it all gives way to violence. Her “friends” images distorting half-way through, but coming back at the end because even if it all was fake, they are still her motivation. Everything in this video just looks good and works so well.

I’m still not sure if Blood-C is worth watching but this is. 


I’ve only seen a few episodes of Monogatari and nothing I’ve heard about it makes me want to continue. This video, however, made me at least think about it for a minute. In under three minutes, it manages to paint a clear picture of why this main dude really should make sure not anger the jealous were-cat lady who’s latched onto him. While also making her sympathetic?


Cardcaptor Sakura is one of my favorite anime, and I enjoyed the sequel we got a few months back, Clear Card. This AMV captures all the things I love about the series from Sakura and Syaoran’s relationship to the mysteries in Clear Card and how they tie into Sakura’s relationship with her mother. There’s even stuff like clips from older series in the beginning framed in what could be manga panels or the pages of a scrapbook. It’s a fun tribute to the new material. Everything from song choice to editing—it’s great.

I know I said 5 but:

Bonus Round

This is more a MMV than an AMV which is good for me since I’ve never seen the Rayearth anime. I have read the manga, and it’s one of my favorites from CLAMP. Honestly, it’s just good to see someone edit with this series. That part near the middle (“that I am the chosen one”) kills me every time. I’m glad that Hikaru and everyone got a happy ending but what happened to Emeralde is so sad.

Kishou Arima was my favorite Tokyo Ghoul character. This is my favorite tribute to his final fight with Kaneki and their relationship in general. Glad this one is an MMV—the RE adaptation was pretty bad, I hear. I fell off the series long before then, so I never watched it. Still, I like to watch this every so often and re-experience everything. The song choice was especially good here, since Cure for the Enemy is about a son and his dying father. Though I guess the “enemy” here would be the systems that created Arima in the first place.

Oh, D. Grayman. I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that I’m here forever. I don’t even care about the update schedule at this point. And it’s entirely because I really need to know what happened with the 14th and the Millennium Earl and Allen who may have been a different person at some point? Who knows even. But I do know I love this simple video about Neah being fucking pissed at his brother.


23. USA. I write things sometimes.

3 thoughts on “5 AMVs I Like to Watch

  1. I like that Endgame reference, anyway, I’m poking around and is new to your blog so, pleased to meet you! I’ve the experience on hunching behind computer for hours on AMVs and god, those words just hit right in the spot. The AMVs are on Plastic Memories, Charlotte, Haikyuu! ( if these are your cup of tea ).

    Call this an attempt to lure anime fans of sort but if you’re even slightly interested, I could shout the name of the channel out loud here or not. ( this is not a bot generated message, lol )


    1. Nice to meet you too! I liked watching AMVs so much, I wanted to learn how to make them myself and was just blown away by how much work video editing actually is.

      Sure! If you make AMVs, I don’t mind you posting your channel! You might snag people scrolling through the comments.


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