Bungo Stray Dogs S3 Episode 1

Bungo Stray Dogs is another show where the character’s were named after something recognizable. I know “something recognizable” is a vague way of putting it, but getting specific about this particular kind of show is hard. Anime has done this with everything from countries in Hetalia to historical figures in Fate to rice in the fittingly named We Love Rice. Here we’ve got famous literary authors, who now have superpowers, fighting each other in Yokohama. Note that these characters aren’t the authors themselves but take inspiration from them and their work in their backstories and powers.

This is the third season of Bungo Stray Dogs. I have watched the first two seasons. Since this blog didn’t exist back then, I’ll give some quick thoughts on them.

Season One: Probably the most uneven season. I liked it enough to watch past the first episode, but there were points throughout its run where I asked myself if I really cared enough to keep going. I can’t actually remember if I finished it the first time around.

Season Two: I watched the first episode on a whim and was blown away by how different everything was. This season’s first few episodes tell the story of how Osamu Dazai, one of our mains, left behind his life of crime. This arc is even pretty good as a standalone story. The back half of season two returns to where the first season left off. By this time, I liked the series enough to keep going.  The Guild arc is decent. I still laugh about Fitzgerald’s superpower just being money.

There’s also a movie. It was fine. It had good character moments for Atsushi, our protagonist, and former assassin Kyoka. Whatever Dazai and Fyodor were going on about was incomprehensible though.

Now on to this episode. I wasn’t expecting to get Fifteen so soon, but I’m also not that surprised. Bones is very aware of Soukoku and its fans. Like with Season two, these first few episodes will likely be a diversion from the main story, telling the tale of Dazai and Chuya’s meeting and their forming Soukoku or double black, the team that took out an entire organization in one night. The latter of which also happens to be ship name, btw.

I feel like I’ve spent a bunch of time recapping here, so let’s talk about the actual episode. First and foremost, this is for fans of the series. If you want more Dazai and Chuuya, here you go. If you want to see more of Dazai’s time with the Mafia, here you go. If you just want a good action show, there honestly wasn’t much in this episode. However, they did set up an interesting mystery with the guarantee of future action.

I do have a gripe with the one of the action scenes we did get. Once again, we have a show that feels the need to stop the fight and explain what just happened. I didn’t need Dazai to tell me that Chuuya kicked him and escaped, I can infer that from the fact that Chuuya is shown having escaped. This is a visual medium. But that’s just nitpicking it didn’t really take much time.

The only way I can see you being disappointed with this arc if is you were a fan of the other members of the agency and looking forward to seeing them. In that case, you can just pick the show back up again when it returns to the main story.


I’ve been watching it and will keep doing so.


23. USA. I write things sometimes.

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