Fairy Gone Episode 1

Fairy Gone introduces us to a world still reeling from the effects of a major war, the “Unification War, “during which special soldiers called “Fairy Soldiers” were created. These people gained the power to summon fairies to fight. In this first episode, we follow Marlya, a guard for a Mafia auction and a survivor of a village that was destroyed during the war.  As she chats with her head of security, Free Underbar, a mysterious thief shows up to steal the McGuffin up for auction, a page from the Black Fairy Tome. A fierce battle between Free and the thief, who both have the ability to summon fairies, ensues. But as Marlya joins the action, she finds that the thief is none other than the person she joined the Mafia to find, her childhood friend and a fellow survivor of their village, Veronica.

I want to like this, I really, really do. I love worlds like this that try to integrate supernatural abilities and creatures with crime and police. There are even two angsty action girls on opposite sides of a conflict. I should be all over this, hyped beyond belief. But this episode is really messy. There are two plots fighting for time here. You have the fight between Veronica and Free. Then you have Marlya’s struggle to talk with Veronica upon finding her again.

These two plots have nothing to do with each other. When Veronica and Free fight, Marlya stands on the side lines, yelling for them to stop. When it’s time for Veronica to dramatically declare that the old her is dead, killing Marlya’s hopes and dreams, Free vanishes entirely when logically he should be just a few steps behind Marlya, still chasing Veronica. When the plot takes Marlya out of commission, we swing back to Veronica vs. Free for a few minutes before Marlya shows up again to beg them to stop, but this time she succeeds. Oh look, now it’s over to no satisfying conclusion because this is the first episode. Credits.

With all this, it becomes hard to care about anything at all. Marlya becomes a one-note plea for the fighting to stop. Free just comments on fairy-stuff and evacuates people.  I find myself wishing the events of this episode had played out with these two having an established partnership and Veronica’s arrival, alongside her status as a criminal, testing Maryla’s partnership with Free and her loyalty to her future fairy cop colleagues. Actually, didn’t PA Works do this exact conflict in Sirius the Jaeger a season or two back?

If the action was cool, I might give it a pass for visuals alone but the fairies are big, persona-like CG creatures who grapple and throw special moves at each other. I don’t see them being that engaging. There was some non-fairy combat. But it consisted mostly of let’s-clash-blades-then-talk-about-how-strong-the-other-is kinda scenes. And that’s on top of the constant Marlya interruptions.

I did, however, like the character designs. They don’t really communicate anything about the characters and their lives, but everyone does look beautiful. So, the question remains, who should watch this? I imagine someone who just likes lore could get something out of it. For action fans, there will probably be better stuff this season. If the promise of future fairy-cop escapades is enticing, give it a whirl. Maybe Marlya and Free’s relationship could become compelling given more room to interact.

Me? This show is “Fairy Gone” from my watch list.


I’m skipping this one.


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